Canada and the maple leaf

There is one thing you definitely can't avoid in Canada: their flag and its symbol the maple leaf. It is everywhere which is very surprising for a German. Of course, I saw many national [...]

Downtown wildlife

One early morning, a strange noise I had never heard before woke me up from my sweet dreams. Even if I was still sleepy, my curiosity made me start looking for the source of [...]

Being and becoming Oromo

Today, more and more refugees come to Europe to seek refuge, peace and a better life. Many of them are Oromo from Ethiopia. But who are they? Why are they fleeing Ethiopia, a country [...]

How to combat modern slavery

In this TED Talk, Kevin Bales states that there is an estimated number of 27 million slaves (2010) worldwide, more slaves than during the entire Transatlantic Slave Trade. He defines modern slavery [...]

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