Bridget Todd and Anney Reese are the hosts of the feminist podcast called ‘Stuff Mom Never Told You’, a production of the pro-profit organization Stuff Media (How Stuff Works). Every Wednesday and Friday they talk about recent and past events that affect women’s lives. The topics are very diverse, you can listen to episodes about women’s roles in horror movies and video games, discussions about keeping or giving up surnames after the wedding, or the #metoo movement and sexual harassment. Since the hosts are from the USA, you get a good overview of discussions and discourses taking place there. Both women are passionate and well informed, that’s why it is easy to follow them.


Tune in to Stuff Mom Never Told You to hear co-hosts Bridget Todd & Anney Reese keep it real with a research-driven rundown of the ever-evolving challenges facing women today and throughout history, paired with smart, strategic solutions to further women’s lives, careers, and activism.


Why I recommend the podcast

I regularly listen to the episodes because the topics are diverse and give me an insight of the discourses taking place in the USA. In many episodes I was able to widen my horizon thanks to new perspectives. Bridget as a woman of color often adds perspectives and experiences that are not part of my life reality as a White woman and a non-US citizen. Her contributions help me a lot to see and acknowledge different realities and I think this could be beneficial for many listeners. In addition to that, I like both Anney’s and Bridget’s voices and how they engage in the conversations. They are passionate and illustrate the topics they talk about with first hand experiences from their own lives. At the end of every episode they read out listeners’ replies that often contribute even more perspectives on the discussed topics. I recommend this podcast to everyone who wants to learn more about (feminist) topics from a US-perspective.

Selection of some awesome episodes: A lot of women are having bad sex, Online Gaming and Sexual Harassment, Emotional Labor is Labor!

About the hosts

Bridget Todd

Bridget Todd is a writer, activist, and digital organizer who you might find writing for The Atlantic, setting fearless fashion trends with her Black Lives Matter hat at Donald Trump’s inauguration, or fawning over Solange’s live performance after speaking on the intersection of pop culture and politics at SXSW.


Anney Reese

Anney Reese started out as an intern working behind-the-scenes producing Stuff Mom Never Told You, where over the course of seven years she learned to be a loud and proud feminist. Sometimes writer, sometimes actor, oftentimes traveler and hiker. Scholar of horror movies, fanfiction and nerdom. Not afraid of souffles. You can also hear her on Savor.