About Brigitte Rolfes

Brigitte lived and studied in Tanzania, Kenya and Costa Rica. She is a certified Intercultural Trainer and an Africanist by profession, holding both a B.A. and a M.A. in African Studies from Leipzig University.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Bridget Todd and Anney Reese are the hosts of the feminist podcast called 'Stuff Mom Never Told You', a production of the pro-profit organization Stuff Media (How Stuff Works). Every Wednesday and Friday they [...]

The story behind my Maasai mask

There is one decoration object in my living room that always captivates my guest's attention: A wooden mask from Tanzania. I bought it from a friend's friend at a Maasai market in Arusha. Back [...]

Die Geschichte hinter meiner Maasai-Maske

In meinem Wohnzimmer gibt es ein Dekorationsobjekt, das immer wieder die Aufmerksamkeit meines Besuchs auf sich zieht: Eine Maske aus Tansania. Ich habe sie vor vielen Jahren auf einem Maasaimarkt in Arusha beim Freund [...]

Some small things to love Canada for

There are some things that I just love about Canada and that are so different in Germany. Of course, Canada is a huge country and very diverse so things may differ from region to [...]

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